Wizard Quest Wisconsin Dells

Fun Fantasy!

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Wizard Quest Wisconsin Dells offers up something quite unique and out of the ordinary. If you like the challenge of doing puzzles, solving riddles and playing video games on a large fantasy type scale, you will probably enjoy this game. It might seem like it's just for kids, or it's going to just be a silly scavenger hunt, but the game is challenging enough across every age group.

When we were first deciding what to do on our vacation, Wizard Quest Wisconsin Dells was not on our list. We just happened to be walking by the entrance and overheard some people that were leaving about how much fun they had. So we decided to go back the next day to play and I would have to agree with what we heard. This game is one of the most challenging and fun experiences we ever had!

Great Family Fun!

When you first enter you are given the option of completing your choice of two playing levels. The Apprentice Level is of course the easier game choice that should give you enough time to complete the task on your first visit. Or you can choose the more Challenging Level which may or may not let you finish in the allotted game time. If you have several people in your group or have played before you might want to take on the Challenge.

Wizard quest features a large area with the theme of a fantasy labyrinth. The goal is to find and release the captive wizards. To release the wizards, you need to collect enough points, or "glimmers." To get points your team hunts for clues hidden in one or all of the four realms and answering the riddles correctly based on the clues.

The realms are divided into four areas such as the Air Room, Earth room, Water room and a Fire room. You move between all the realms and have fun going through tunnels, ball pits, sliding down tubes, moving through secret passages and viewing videos for clues. When you solve a riddle you type the answer into the computer. If correct, you receive the glimmers used to free the wizards. You need to collect 200 glimmers to free one wizard. Once you have freed all 4 wizards you have completed your task. Remember, you have 90 minutes to find and free the wizards. So have as much fun as possible and try to stay on task to complete your goals.

It can take a little while to get going at first, but you'll figure out how to work the game. We decided after about 20 minutes to split up into 2 teams so we could make more progress. The riddles are rather challenging, but if you work together as a team, you can figure most of them out. Some of the clues are pretty obvious, some are quite challenging and others were out of order and really hard to figure out. However, the process and the challenge of trying to figure out the clues is what the game is really all about. In the end, we did run out of time and only solved enough riddles to release 3 of the wizards.

When we go back next year we decided to give ourselves an advantage by bringing a small flashlight, clip board and a pen. It is a little dark in there and there is a lot to remember, so if you can write it down and see what you are writing you will save your team a lot of time. We were told that Wizard Quest Wisconsin Dells updates the game from time to time, so you can return the next year for a new an improved challenge. We are certainly going to include it our next family quest to the Dells.

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Wisconsin Dells
105 Broadway
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
Wizard Quest
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