Original Wisconsin Ducks

How about a ride on the Original Wisconsin Ducks! A trip to the Dells would just not be complete without a tour on the famous amphibious Ducks.

The Ducks are equipped to travel on land and water and they are the largest fleet of tour ducks in the nation. All the Ducks are named after famous military leaders or WWII battles. Of course, the Original Ducks or DUKW, were used by the military as war vehicles, and, even though the use of them were at first met with skepticism, they ended up being awarded for being the most celebrated vehicle of WWII.

The tour on the Wisconsin Ducks winds through beautiful scenery of the Wisconsin Dells. You will pass through narrow canyon walls of beautiful sandstone formations produced from the floodwaters of glacial lakes. You will travel the curves of Roller Coaster Hill and through Red Bird Gorge. It is a one hour, 8 1/2 mile tour that includes two land and two water entries in the Wisconsin River and Lake Delton. Your awesome guide will explain all the historical facts of the area especially when you pass through areas of where Indian tribes once lived.

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Rates are posted on the Wisconsin Ducks web site:
Children five years and under are free
Group rates are available. Tours are offered from late spring to early fall. They usually run from 8 am to 7 pm. There are restrooms, a snack bar, and a picnic area as well. New to the facility is a PX store, which sells gifts and souvenirs. The Original ducks has 60 drivers experienced drivers and 110 other staff members.

Today, the Original Wisconsin Ducks celebrate almost 60 years on land and water and are notably one of Wisconsin Dells most popular attractions. The ducks drivers must pass a rigorous six week training course. It is a great trip for families to find out the State of Wisconsin’s historical and geographical history. Tours started in 1946 with 1 Duck and the very next summer they had increased to 36! Now they are 90 strong! Each Duck can carry up to
21 persons.

They are located at 1890 Wisconsin Dells Parkway (across from Mt. Olympus) and can be reached at 608-254-8751 or at www.wisconsinducktours.com

Map Location

Check out the website at Ducks for more information.

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