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It's a "no wonder" the Rick Wilcox Magic Show is outstanding!  Rick spent six years as an illusion manager for the David Copperfield Show.  He also performed in Las Vegas, London and all over the world before settling in our neck of the woods - Wisconsin Dells, WI.  We are so lucky to have Rick and his lovely wife, Susan perform "Vegas" quality shows in our own backyard. My husband and I,  

live about an hour south of the Dells. When Steve said "let's check out the Rick Wilcox Wisconsin Dells", I was all in.  I heard and read so many wonderful things and now, I could experience the show for myself.  As I write, you will see why the Rick Wilcox Magic Show is what I say...outstanding.  And, it doesn't end with his show stopping performances on stage.  A little later, I'll go into detail about a best kept secret I found. Read on and you'll see for yourself.  

We decided to purchase regular seats to the show, a little off to the right and towards the back of their gorgeous theater.  As it turned out, all the seats have excellent viewing.  I could have specified "front center", but I didn't. But, it just so happens that if you want seating front and center, call in advance and be ready because you may be chosen to be a participant on stage. Steve and I had fun watching a mom and her young son get the excitement of being on stage during the show.  

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Rick and his wife Susan are master magicians and illusionists.  How in the world does he get that car on stage to disappear??  Their show is far from "cheesy magic", it's really amazing.  I would love to be a mouse in their house, so to speak, to find out how they do the tricks.  Maybe they have us all in hypnotic states and we just believe what we seem to see???  

What is so impressive is Rick and Susan's husband and wife professionalism on and off stage.  They really connect with each other and this connection radiates with us and the crowd.  And, because they have such an ideal relationship, it pulls you in and makes you become even more spell bound.  

During  intermission, we quickly utilized the very nicely done bathrooms after which we made our way to get sodas at the snack bar.  Before heading back to our seats, we glanced at the awesome photos and memorabilia displayed on the walls. A lot of history and plenty of stories in those pictures!  

The show, with intermission, was about 90 minutes.  I did not want it to end.  I was certain I was going to be the one and only person to figure out their trick tactics!  I was wrong.  I was going to have to make trip to their gift shop in the lobby and purchase a DVD to possibly get some of those tricks!   

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After the show, we enjoyed watching others have their pictures taken with the Wilcox's. Steve was also pretty amazed at the wax hand prints the kids were standing in line to have done. At ten dollars, what a lasting souvenir!  We shook hands with this talented husband and wife duo and remarked to each other about how much they love their work!!  

We will go back again next year as the ticket staff told us they change they show yearly.  I still can't believe we stumbled on a little bit of Vegas in our own back yard!  This show was so family friendly that I'm thinking...what a great gift idea!  

It doesn't surprise me that Rick Wilcox Magic Show has been named in the top ten close-up Magicians by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  And to top this, Trip Advisor has named it their #1 top rated, Wisconsin Dells Attraction!  

So now, I get to tell you about the best kept secret I wrote about earlier. Log onto their website and find out show schedules, gifts for sale, unique to magic and illusion, and so much more.  But, there is also a kid zone section and walla, you are free to play interactive puzzles, games and even print off coloring pages!  As I said, you can play these really fun games so I played Magic Maze and it was a blast and I printed off coloring pages for the preschool children I teach.  But, before leaving the website, this is a must do: play the Disappearing Card Trick. I played it ten times and each time I "visually" not manually picked a card and by golly, the computer picked my card. How in the world can they do that??

Enjoy the show~

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